On vacation several years ago, we went snorkeling.  We rode on a boat out over the reef and the guide gave excellent instructions, set our boundaries and sent us out.  It took a minute to get used to the feeling of breathing evenly through my mouth and keeping my face in the water.  While I was snorkeling, every now and then I would see someone else go by or see the hull of the boat when I got close enough but most of the time it felt like it was just me and the fish.   My youngest son was afraid at first but our patient guide talked him through it.  When he was finally brave enough to get in the water, I tried to keep an eye on him.  It was hard to keep my face in the water, my snorkel out of the water and still see his yellow flippers.  When I came up for a break at one point, the guide yelled out to me, “Hey, mama, you let me watch him.  I can see him better from here then you can from there.  My most important job right now is to watch that young snorkeler.  Don’t worry. I’ve got him covered.”  I was able to relax and enjoy the beauty of what was before me.  (At least until I saw that little shark.)

As our children get older and they venture out more on their own, we have to remind ourselves that we give instructions, set boundaries, and talk them through their fears but at some point we have to relax and know that God has a better view of them.  They matter even more to him then they do to us, so he’s got them covered. 

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